Making old things new!

As I was spring cleaning, I had a garbage bag full of old sheets and worn terry cloth towels. But for the holes, they were in good condition. Since I am newly into recycling and repurposing, I decided to hang onto them. Around Easter, we had family to come visit and I realized that I did not have the abundance of towels I was use to having. I decided to drop off all the clothes to the thrift store to clear the last of the clutter and head to the department store over pay for towels at the last minute. I always look around the thrift store (I call it the treasure trove) as I drop off things. It is usually when i am not looking for anything that I find something that is a great deal. That right, I found brand new white bath sized towels with labels and tags attached. For $1.00 each, I snatched them up and ran home to wash & dry them.

Later that evening I was vacuuming my sewing studio and noticed how full my scrap fabric box was. I took the bag of terry cloths and places them on top of the scraps. That is when my brain, that never shuts off, lit up with the idea of sewing fabric to the old terry cloth towels to make towels to be used in the kitchen and brightly colored fabric sewn to the ends of the bath towels to liven them up a bit. I like to have lots so small towels downstairs to catch spills, wipe the dogs paws and kids messes quickly. Here are few…







My guest all loved my towels and all asked for some, even after I told them how them came about. Almost everyone who comes to my kitchen asks about my dishtowels. So I finally decided to make some for those who wanted them. Best part of all, they are willing to pay! I did them all a favor bought new terry cloth though 🙂 this is the journey so far …


Who knows, perhaps some will make to my etsy shop 😊 you can check to see if I have actually put some up at

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