I love life in my 40’s!

My Fridays always begin early. After my devotions, I head to the sewing studio and I am still not fully alert. My husband brings my coffee upstairs to me because I do not go downstairs until lunchtime. This is my way of trying to be disciplined as I work from home. Well today I was hungry early (no breakfast. Bad. I know I know). Went down to the kitchen to heat up a bowl of soup. After the soup is heated, I decide to make another cup of coffee. I opened the cabinet for a coffee cup -albeit the wrong cabinet. This is when I discovered my mid-40s mom moment

Yep! Soup went to the cabinet instead of back to the fridge. My 20 and 21 year old are staring at me when I declare -‘just think about it. I will have to live with you one day’! I got a continual blank stare! I’m thinking that means I’m headed to a facility instead. Lol!

I have a rooster theme in my kitchen and parlor. One of my rooster wall plaques sums the morning perfectly.

But on another note, I did complete this order this morning for my military wife customer before she heads back to Bahrain with her family.

This is my 40s Friday so far and it’s not even noontime!!

Author: Pure and Lovely Gifts

Trained Communications Professional; Called Caregiver to parents. Living intentionally while encouraging the hearts of others.

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