I Love Fall? Hmmm…

Just when I thought it was safe to venture outside with a glass of diet root beer and pick apart my bummed quilt, I find creepy crawlies and land mines by my doggies!



Being inside ain’t so bad after all. Movie, popcorn, diet root beer, windows open -ahhhh much better 😎

As Life Turns…

Have you had the opportunity to talk with someone or observe someone’s life and notice just how smoothly things in their live appear to be moving by. Even when things that are going on in the world seem topsy turvy, they just sail right along and look good doing so!

Upon observing an acquaintance I noticed something about her but could not decipher what it was. It went beyond mere physical appearances and materialism and general happiness. It was more of characteristic item -something that always ran like an under current. It was just who she was inside. Even when her young daughter died of an illness, when her husband lost his job and they had to move in with her mother, there was something that always resided in her that kept defeat at bay. My initial thought was unspeakable joy. Yet while I knew she had unspeakable, I noticed it was laced with something else.

Having the fortune to over hear her talking with someone else, she was asked “Does any of this bother you at all. I’m mean don’t you ever feel like throwing in the towel?” My acquaintance simply answered, “there are things we (her family) strive for daily; we never make quitting an option, we are thankful for bad times and trials as they help us to remember who we are and why we do what we do, and thirdly in ALL things we strive to be grateful and generous.

To myself I thought, wow she is resilient and focused! Wait that was it! RESILIENT! That was what I noticed about her. She was resilient and didn’t possess my quitter’s gene! While working on this quilt I often thought of her

IMG_1592.JPGon the surface she always appears to be moving along to her goals and destiny. Meandering along handling life and all it brings. She handles disappointments and setbacks and trials in stride – never allowing them to pull her off course for long. Underneath, I’m sure at times -just like the rest of us she is struggling with things as we all do. Things in her life have gone from smooth to stormy as I did in this quilt

The difference is that she got right back on track and focused on the end. She didn’t fall down and stay down she got up and kept moving. So it’s not all about falling but more overly about getting back up to continue your journey. I will untangle my mess and press towards the complete goal of a finished quilt.

Shhhhhh!!!!! Don’t tell anyone!

I have a house full of company/guest. Everyone is smiling and having a great time! I am so glad they are here as we are celebrating my sister’s birthday but this all I can think about..

I really want to go up to my sewing room and get these done! 😂😂😂 I wonder if they will want to help me get them done?!!

Harvest time!!!

I don’t think I would have made it in times of old. There was always something to do out of necessity. We are blessed to have people who share from their gardens. Learning to preserve foods has been a new unforeseen past time of mine. I have had to learn to can tomatoes -not a whole lot because we make and eat fresh pico de gallo every few days. But putting away potatoes has been interesting!
I have learned to parboil and freeze potatoes instantly and place into food saver bags that allows us to pull the air out of the bag. So far I have put away three one gallon bags of potatoes cut as French fries and three one gallon bags of dices potatoes! Mind you these potato are fresh from the Earth and therefore full of dirt. While the French fries are simply the best, it is a lot of work!

Putting away bell peppers was easier. Just dice and place into ice trays and freeze. Once frozen, remove from ice trays and place into ziplocks. When ever you need some just pull a cube from the bag without thawing the whole bag 😌

Now the okra we got, I’m not so sure about. But I diced and place them in a food saver bag as well. Time will tell.

While I was pretending to relive an episode of Lil House on the Praire, my hubby was manning the grill. Somehow, I think my job was harder than his!


It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

I have a tendency to go off the radar for awhile every year during this time. It will last until late November and then it is the holiday season. So for me from now until Easter, I’m having a blast. It is like a really long party and it all starts with the changes that Fall brings. The leaves are falling from some trees and air is cooler while Coastal Virginia’s humidity dies down to a respectable level. But, I love love love those misty rainy days yet my heart and prayers are always with those who have had their fill of torrential weather this year. 🙏♥️
You know how people go all out for decorations for Christmas? I start as soon as Fall hits but this year my Fall obsession is in overdrive. We walked in the house earlier this week from being outside ‘all’ day and just ripped the carpet up from the dining room and front room (no I am not sharing a picture of that!). We have no idea what we are going to put down but at least the carpet is up. The dogs are thoroughly confused by the concrete floors and the echo. So while we look for flooring, I decided to make some small changes that were a lot less labor intensive. I made kitchen towels and pot holders. This way I get what I want at a fraction of the cost and it is easy and uniquely made by me 🙂



There are certain scents I associate with Fall. Rather than buy those expensive candles of pumpkin spice, welcome home, apple pie or Carmel somebody, I use a small crockpot and cut up and orange cinnamon stick, clove, nutmeg and water. I let it simmer most of the day. I refrigerate it at night and use again for a few days. Just add water. This wonderful aroma will put me in the mood to bake every time! Hmmmm … I’m thinking homemade Ginger Snaps! Any suggestions?

Fly Away Little Bird

She is gone. My Pastry Chef has flew from the nest to finish the last leg of current journey before transitioning to the next. Since she could not take me personally along, we finished her quilt that is filled with family memories -mission trips, family trips, family reunions, college and high school. Hopefully this quilt will bring her many fond memories and remind her of a rich and wonderful legacy that she is a part of.

A quilt is a lot like our lives. It is made of scraps of fabric from diverse places and things. Each scrap piece, some very small and some larger than others, are used to tell a story. Our families are made up of diverse people. No two are just alike. And each one of us come with something to add to the lives of others -good, bad or indifferent, it all makes an imprint somewhere in our lives and memories. Though we may try to live vacuumed lives, in a family this is impossible. We are created a very peculiar and dynamic people and what affects one affects the whole. As a Christian, I believe that God never wastes a hurt, a smile, a letdown or a triumph. He uses it all for His Glory! What a beautiful quilt He can make out of our families and out of the millions of families, no two are exactly the same. Our God is an awesome God.