As Life Turns…

Have you had the opportunity to talk with someone or observe someone’s life and notice just how smoothly things in their live appear to be moving by. Even when things that are going on in the world seem topsy turvy, they just sail right along and look good doing so!

Upon observing an acquaintance I noticed something about her but could not decipher what it was. It went beyond mere physical appearances and materialism and general happiness. It was more of characteristic item -something that always ran like an under current. It was just who she was inside. Even when her young daughter died of an illness, when her husband lost his job and they had to move in with her mother, there was something that always resided in her that kept defeat at bay. My initial thought was unspeakable joy. Yet while I knew she had unspeakable, I noticed it was laced with something else.

Having the fortune to over hear her talking with someone else, she was asked “Does any of this bother you at all. I’m mean don’t you ever feel like throwing in the towel?” My acquaintance simply answered, “there are things we (her family) strive for daily; we never make quitting an option, we are thankful for bad times and trials as they help us to remember who we are and why we do what we do, and thirdly in ALL things we strive to be grateful and generous.

To myself I thought, wow she is resilient and focused! Wait that was it! RESILIENT! That was what I noticed about her. She was resilient and didn’t possess my quitter’s gene! While working on this quilt I often thought of her

IMG_1592.JPGon the surface she always appears to be moving along to her goals and destiny. Meandering along handling life and all it brings. She handles disappointments and setbacks and trials in stride – never allowing them to pull her off course for long. Underneath, I’m sure at times -just like the rest of us she is struggling with things as we all do. Things in her life have gone from smooth to stormy as I did in this quilt

The difference is that she got right back on track and focused on the end. She didn’t fall down and stay down she got up and kept moving. So it’s not all about falling but more overly about getting back up to continue your journey. I will untangle my mess and press towards the complete goal of a finished quilt.

Author: Pure and Lovely Gifts

Trained Communications Professional; Called Caregiver to parents. Living intentionally while encouraging the hearts of others.

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