Walton Mountain Annual Celebration


This was my first craft show and so worth it! The weather, people, and food were so worth the effort. It was small and intimate but we had a blast! My sales were minimal (no internet, no ATM) but covered expenses :). We travel up to this area about six times a year and this time I thought it would be a perfect time to get my feet wet. My son went with me and we enjoyed relaxing fun watching people meander and eat; and watching kids play with walking stilt wooden poles that another vendor was selling. Met people from all over VA and PA including a couple from here in Hampton Roads! Best part was watching people drive a simulated drunk driving course using special goggles and then take a field sobriety test!

We are a retired military family and we have learned to be efficient, organized and quick. Set up time -20 minutes from pulling the truck in to unloading to setting up to parking the truck in its designated spot! But we did not have a flawless day. For all our military precision, we failed in the area of communication! First, I communicated the wrong weekend to my hubby who ended up having to work. Second, I asked hubby to get me some change for my cash box. When I made my first $20 sale is when I noticed there was only coins in the cash box (no paper money). I could not call and ask what happen as we had no cellular service. After talking with our coordinator Cathy is when we realize today would be a cash only day and the nearest bank (which is closed on Saturdays) is halfway down the mountain. So I must send my son, who is a flat-lander in every sense of the word, down the mountain to find an ATM and get change. Bless his heart, mission accomplished flawlessly. So, now you are still wandering how I got just coins in my cash box. After musing this over and over in my mind, I realized that I got exactly what I asked for -CHANGE! I was not specific about what change or how much. My hubby does coins better then Ebenezer Scrooge! He will pull over in traffic to pick up a coin!

When we arrived home home, we talked about he trip and laughed over the coin/change incident. My cash box is ready to go for my next craft show at the Fraternal Order of Police in Virginia Beach! Come on out if you can.



Thanksgiving ~the forgotten holiday

We move from weird Halloween decorations to putting up the lights for Christmas and turning them on! In 6 weeks, we will gather our families together to count blessings, enjoy each other, create memories, eat WAAAYYY too much. Why not slow it down and savor it?! Last year after all were done with dinner and the guys were watching football and playing billiards, I gathered the ladies together and we sat around the table to make homemade gifts. (Yes, I was hosting, I preplanned and they had to participate 😌).

I bought the sewing machine down and we made bath salts and heating pads filled with rice. The ladies were told in advance to bring a glass jar and a bag of rice. It was so funny watching and listening to them trying to figure out what they were for. I had tons of 100% cotton flannel or other fabrics for my stash. I precut them the week before plus a few extra. I also ordered different salts and a large bag of Epsom salt, large box of baking soda and four different types of essential oils.

To my surprise we had so much fun and laughter. Everyone had to take turns sewing their own flannel (no one sews but me) to make the tubes for the heating pads and they had to sent their own rice, if they wanted; as well as scent their own bath salts if they desired. Almost forgot! – the food coloring to change the colors of the salt. (I will see if I have pictures) It was a blast! My daughter joined us via Skype for two hours!! My carpet had food coloring stains, rice was EVERYWHERE and there was a profusion of scents that lasted past Christmas. The best part came afterwards -dessert!! I would not trade those memories for anything. Everyone left with stories to tell and share with others, left over dessert and homemade gifts to jump start their Christmas.

Now tell me, how you plan to make your Thanksgiving memorable …. I would love to hear your traditions or your out of the box things 😊. I’m not hosting this year but I am in charge of entertainment. Here is what I am working on so far.





Officially for sale!

Just in time for the craft show in Schyler, Va at Walton’s Mountain Museum. It has been in works for a YEAR! I would work on it for a few days and then on to another project. After a month I would come back to it for a few more days and viola!! This quilt is from recycled clothes and a bed sheet.



All it needs now is to be steam pressed. I’m actually not good at that part. I can sew, quilt, craft but ironing escapes me. I never professed to be Martha Stewart 😕 or very good at what I do but I do enjoy it!!