Merry Christmas!!!

It has been a long month! But as usual, we are survivors!! While recovering from the Virginia-ick (happens every Fall. Sinus’ and allergies!), I still managed to get Christmas orders made and shipped or delivered and start a new job. Today, I am off work. Tried to sleep in but it did not work. Awoke at 5am 😳. Anyway, the house is still quiet. My daughter and pastry chef arrived home safe and sound. My son and hubby have to work today and I’m thankful they are gainfully employed. So much goodness to reflect on this season. It can be so easy to get distracted by current events and see all the bad stuff going on in and around the world. My heart breaks for all these calamities and all who are affected by them. And at the end of the day, I now my head and whisper to God, Lord I’m thankful.

Some things we created to help others celebrate in their own way..








Author: sewpuresewlovely

Administrative Professional by day, where people are my greatest asset. Quilter/Mentor/Reader by night

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