Ahhhh …. Spring

We have finally broken free from the grasp of Winter and Spring is in full swing. Temps are still on the cool side but nothing the firepit can’t handle.  

 It is time to make old things new! Determined not to spend a lot of money we cleaned up the yard and salvaged from our own trash. It’s amazing at what a can of leftover spray paint can do to a flower pot. Look at my before and after collages 

  We found someone who had just replaced their wood fence with a nice new white composite fence. It was in great condition. They let us have it so they would not have to haul it to the dump. FREE FENCE for the cost of a bag of dry cemet and  nails. WOOT WOOT!!!!!! Now on to power washing and staining. 

Hey Remember This Thing???

  We were on our annual Maple Festival journey in Highland County, VA. There is a small community at the base of the second mountain ridge we had to traverse to get there. It is in this valley that we passed this pay phone. My freshly grown children declare these are basically obsolete and they have no idea how to use one. So we had to take a picture of this and send it to them. And yes the phone works! Lol!! Upon seeing us do this, other travelers started pulling over and taking pictures in the phone booth as well. I just wished I would have taken a picture of it. 

Coffee Anyone?

  Friends Don’t Let Friends Drink Starbucks Lol!

Around Easter time I was looking for a new set of coffee mugs. On my way to choir rehearsal I stopped to get my usual ‘stay awake during rehearsal’ medium cup of coffee. Saw these and had to have them! I wanted oversized, colorful and sturdy mugs and I wanted them to be stored near the coffee station. My Prince Charming went into his wood stash and made the neatest mug holder.  

 Too cute and practical don’t you agree? This is my coffee station before the new addition.  

 Yep! Three coffee pots for the people. But that’s another blog post 😉