Just DO IT!

As I was decluttering my home office, I decided to put my journals together in date order on a shelf. I happened to read one journal and exactly 4 years ago this past Monday I wrote the following: by 2014 I would like to accomplish starting my own business, canoeing, and becoming proficient in Pilates and acquiring a healthy lifestyle. Well, I did not fully reach all of my goals. The reason why? I failed to keep the goal for the prize in front of my eyes. I wrote about it I thought about it, then I closed my journal and I walked away without a plan in place.

Well, I started that business and I did start Pilates and I did start eating healthy but in all three I did not fully follow through and put my best foot forward. This happens often with many goals we want to achieve because we do not have a plan in place or a way to measure where we are in obtaining our goals and whether or not we are still on track or need to make some adjustments to stay on target.

I want to become better at all of these but this time around I have a road map. First I have learned to be specific in stating what I want. Instead of I want to start a business, learn Pilates, adopt a healthy lifestyle and canoe, I had to really hone in on what I wanted to achieve. Then I had to add a date -by when?  Next was the actual plan -how will I do this. Then the follow through with accountability. Finally, visual reminders or scoreboards so that I may see at a glance where I started, where I am currently and where I want to go. 

Under the new plan: healthy lifestyle. I will cook three vegetables on Sunday to eat lunch and dinner throughout the week. Prepare breakfast and lunch the nite before. In the month of August, sign up for the gym with a friend 😜 and commit to cardio 3x a week and strength training 2x a week. This change has worked wonders for me. At the gym, I used the free personal training sessions to get acquainted with the new equipment and start my routine. Now they know me by name and text me when I’m not in for a few days. I did have to tweak my gym times though. It seems 4am is my time. I also utilized the online health assessment for my gym -Anytime Fitness. I use the Lose It app and Instagram as my scoreboards. Yes, I turned to technology, social media and the millennial loving -selfie 😱 to help keep me focused, on track and accountable. My night time prep would look like this 

   and my Sunday vegetables will look like this 
  I’m on target to a whole new lifestyle -immediately. Care to join me?

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Trained Communications Professional; Called Caregiver to parents. Living intentionally while encouraging the hearts of others.

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