Pinterest Project Success

Before I go to bed most nights, I look through Pinterest. My hobbies are quilting, reading, and all things outdoors -Spring, Early Summer, Fall only. We live in Coastal Virginia and the humidity is unbearable. So the Summer months of July and August finds me under the air conditioning in some shape or form. My Pinterest boards all resemble my hobbies, cooking and traveling. This year, I decided to move some of those Pinterest ideas into reality. Some were successes and some were flops mostly due to our own errors. Here is one my Pinterest Ideas:


and here is what I actually made for my backyard.

Did I say here is what I made? I meant, here is what my guys made. I brought home a suburban load of pallets from work. I told them about my pallet projects to which they were totally confused. So I had to introduce them to they DIY bible called Pinterest. After a few looks around the site, they were ready. They caught and bought into my vision. Well all they needed was a reason to get into the storage and breakout some tools and an adventure to local DIY store. I need something on our stockade fence to break up the monotony of brown slats running around the backyard. Here is some of the progress …

Actually the only things that needed to be bought from the DIY big box store were those little green pots and marigold plants. I bought the two flowers earlier in the summer and the little lights from one the local discounts stores. Total cost: $25. We have tons of paint samples because my husband works as painter on the weekends.

This project took about four hours as the wood had to be pried off and the remaining had to be stabilized and sanded. We all did out part -I found the project, pallet, pots, lights, plants and all I had to do was supervise. It was an enjoyable afternoon. Later that evening  we ate dinner outside on the new deck (another Pinterest idea that I will post later) and waited for those little lights to come on at dusk.

Project $25. Time spent together: PRICELESS

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