A Natural Mentor 

Two years ago I joined a mentorship program in Hampton Roads. We were partnered or matched with young girls of various ages. What you will quickly learn while mentoring is that no matter the age, it is a reciprocal relationship. You will probably learn more about yourself than about her. You will love, you will grow and you will inspire her to do the same one day. Through mentoring, we have forged some deep and long lasting friendships. These special bond are usually started when one person needs a little guidance, help or just a listening ear. What blooms is growth and love of two or more who only have a heart for loving and desire the best for another.


Strangely enough, I never saw myself as a mentor. I never thought I had myself together enough to mentor someone especially an adult. The opportunity came when I was looking for a meaning way to volunteer in the community. These girls just needed an outlet that was safe, a trustworthy listening ear and lots of fun. Check, check, check, I can do all those! After mentoring into my second year, I was reading over some old journals that I had (in feeble attempt to get organized but that is another blog post) and discovered that I have been a natural mentor for most of my adult life! It was never by mutual agreement but on the journey of life, God would allow my life to intersect the life of another woman who would need love, care and guidance for awhile. The lengths of time varied but the quality of time was always beneficial, necessary and impactful. 

This year I have set goals for intentional and impactful mentoring. Before my plans were fully formed, two women walked in my life -only this time I was alert, engaged and intentional. Coincidence? I think not. Each woman came of her own with stories and dreams and goals and they needed someone to help them organize their thoughts and move those goals from paper to reality. And that my friends is the year long program that I was designing. So yes, I am excited and yes, I am nervous. I look forward with great anticipation to sharing, learning, loving and growing. I would love to see ‘us’ at the end of the year stronger, purposeful, kingdom building women. 

While meditating and prayerfully considering this, I did not tell anyone. Several persons just happened to tell me that I should consider coaching or counseling but I just wanted to know what God wanted of me. I knew I wanted to try to give it a go and it felt right but I wanted to be sure (yep I am that kinda girl). One evening while meditating I read Titus 2 and my heart overflowed. Words cannot express what transpired in that moment. I will work diligently to love and guide those sent to me. Together we will glean all the Father has before us. 

Author: Pure and Lovely Gifts

Trained Communications Professional; Called Caregiver to parents. Living intentionally while encouraging the hearts of others.

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