It is a Wednesday.

The sun is rising with all its beauty and majesty with the anticipation of a glorious day. I rose from my slumber of 7.5 hours to greet the day and sat on the side of my bed for 15 minutes before the fog of slumber would release me to start moving.

There is nothing like a shower first morning to help the senses come fully awake (adding my favorite sugar scrub is a bonus –if I remember to use it). And when they are at last jolted by the tepid water they help me to realize … I still have my socks on –while standing in the shower. I now wonder if this is the precursor to my day.

At last with a fresh face and fully clothed. I begin my journey in my pre-warmed car by my hubby (always gracious to me). As I scoot along to work, I tell myself to be fully engaged. I have arrived at work to many times only not to remember my drive to work. So I have been practicing being fully engaged for 4 months now. As I am fully engaged, my mind begins to ponder if others have to tell themselves to be fully engage or are just normally in the moment of what they are doing. And just like that … I have just run a red light after following behind a school bus. No accident! There are few cars on the road at 4:30am. My mind begs the question: why did you only notice the light when you were almost through the light? If you were practicing being engaged, in the moment would you have not seen that light? Thank you Father that you protected me from myself and others from my disengagement.

Arriving safely at work, I make a Latte from our fancy coffee maker and settle myself at my desk to read my devotional and scriptures and have prayer while watching the sun spray early morning pinks and golds so radiantly across the sky. As I stand at the window of my office quietly listening and waiting, I begin to hear the early morning sounds of humming engines and groggy ‘good morning’ greetings. I know it is time to refocus and begin the work day.

Then that ‘tyrant’ enters my office. Urgent is his name. I quickly plead my case of the day’s priorities but someone else’s urgency invades my world and re-orders my day. I am now the receptionist plus my job and oh yes, it is raining so the computers are slow and the internet connection is fading in and out. I think to myself that these are first world problems. Relax and maximize the day.

Yes the phone is annoying as it rings like the bells of Christmas but overall the morning is progressing well. Except it is mid-morning and I just discovered that I left my breakfast and lunch on the kitchen counter and my wallet is in my jacket pocket … -the one that I did not wear today! I would officially like a DO OVER! Lord please help me and this brain of mine. It doesn’t seem to work right but use it for your glory somehow.

I picked up the phone on the 999th ring and found a voice that knows me and wants to thank me. The caller proceeds to introduce herself and quickly my mind knows. I only met this woman less than two weeks ago and interacted with her for a short 3 days. I was training her for a vacant position in our company. I took the time to share with her things I have learned about myself over the years and goals for this year, as well as years 3, 5, 10 and lifetime. As I listened to her life story, parts she was willing to share anyway, I provided encouragement and share knowledge, truth and light when appointed. We laughed and began to develop the eye language that most women develop when they become friends. Deciding that the job was not right for her, she gracefully bowed out one morning via phone call. So gracious were her words to my heart and soothing to my soul. I would love to believe that through me she had a chance encounter with my Jesus as He is always weaved into my conversations. He is my Life and all to Him I owe. We bid our good byes and vowed to stay in touch.

Before I can gather my thoughts, my cell phone chirps with a text message from a sweet young lady I met who was doing temp work for us for 2 weeks.

Her text: I still have your book. I would like to meet and return it although I am not done reading it.

My text: Not a problem, when you are finished text and we will meet then. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Her text: Glad u don’t mind. Never liked reading until I met u. Would love to keep in touch and hang out if you don’t mind. Thank you for helping me on the job. Hang in there.

This is a military spouse who is fairly new to our area. I am grateful she could find respite under my care and that I was not too selfish of my time and talents.

It is lunch time and my fellow coworkers ordered out. By happenstance (yeah right) there is an extra salad leftover. My day is really looking brighter!

The rest of my day was uneventful … or was it just another glorious ordinary day. 

Author: Pure and Lovely Gifts

Trained Communications Professional; Called Caregiver to parents. Living intentionally while encouraging the hearts of others.

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