A Beautiful Mess

For three years I have been trying to kick the beloved habit of procrastination. We have danced together for 30 years and it is just plain hard to walk off the dance floor and not look back. Well actually that’s called a miracle and I am so glad God can still work miracles… more importantly, I believe He can. But, until he does, the struggle remains. 

I easily have 6 months of sewing projects on hand. The problem … I am easily distracted. In the middle of a project, I will get another creative idea and that’s it. I’ve got to take advantage of the new idea before it leaves my brain -never to return (insert drama here). So how do we stop this loaded train on a downward slope running at about 98 mph? I have a plan …🤗

I’ve actually purchased a #passionplanner that has graph paper in it. Guess who has learned to sketch the designs that flies into her brilliant mind?!? I have pencils ✏️ of all colors to make my ideas just as vivid on paper as they are in my head. No new projects can be undertaken until at least five projects are complete. Then I can choose 1 and complete it before doing something different. Whatever project I am working on gets a deadline and working schedule to help keep me focused and on track. I even schedule ‘oops’ time. That gives me time to correct a mistake or run to a store and still finish on time. I have 5 projects scheduled and 2 are completed. The third one is in progress now. It is scheduled for completion by Memorial Day weekend. I work full-time and just finished my classes for the semester. I am not taking classes this summer and praying about resuming this fall 😌 it was pretty rough. 

This is Project 2 …

This is Project 1

And finally Project 3 is underway #chairpockets better known as the Purple Project. I had no idea what these were until a teacher asked me to make them for her classroom. Fun and easy Project. 

Now that school is out, let’s see if I can stay focused on my projects. Lots and lots of prayer and discipline required. 

Author: Pure and Lovely Gifts

Trained Communications Professional; Called Caregiver to parents. Living intentionally while encouraging the hearts of others.

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