An Extraordinary Life

For weeks I have been pinned with the anticipation of getting outside and working in the backyard and in my ‘she shed’ (another idea found on Pinterest). Between the weather, school and sewing projects, getting out there was impossible. I finally found an indoor/outdoor rug for my space (she-shed). I knew once I found the rug I would figure out how to make the rest of the space fun, bohemian, warm and inviting. The rug arrived and my girlfriend loved it on first sight! My son and husband thought it was waaaaayyyy too bright. I’m in love. 

A few days after the rug arrived, I got a notification via instagram of a early bird sale at Fabric Hut (local fabric shop in Norfolk). Since I want to make my own cushions for my chaise lounge that my guy built for me, this early bird Saturday special would be great! So I awake with much anticipation and head out this morning with coffee, list, and money to claim my fabrics for cushions and pillows. I arrive at the store at 6:05am and … not a car in sight and no lights on in the store. Not to be deterred, I park and sip my coffee and wait. At 6:17am, I decide to look on IG and find the notification for the sale -which I am now thinking it starts at 6:30 instead of 6. The invitation says boldly JULY 15!!!! I have no idea how my eyes and brain missed that 😱. 

Still not deterred, I drive 31 miles to Southland Restaurant in Moyock, NC for breakfast (did I mention that I am very spontaneous?). Anyway breakfast was delish and these ladies are so stinking friendly there 😂. I felt like I went to my girlfriends house for breakfast. I love when I have choices. I wanted a little fruit and a little bacon and a little toast and a little eggs … they had it all! I also wanted fried chicken but I will return tomorrow after church for that 🤣 

The fabric store does not open until 10am!!! Do you know the damage I can do from now til 10am? It’s barely three hours into the day and I have already managed to goof royally. Oh well, time to back track across the state line and find those garage sales I passed on the way down here. Then to a few thrift shops before the fabric store. So, how is your Saturday shaping up? I hope it’s extraordinary!

Author: Pure and Lovely Gifts

Trained Communications Professional; Called Caregiver to parents. Living intentionally while encouraging the hearts of others.

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