Happy Friday!

I have not had a bad week. But, there is something about Friday's that rejuvenates my energy level like the cape that super man wears. I have not tried to over analyze why this happens because my brain will not stop processing until the cows home. Instead, I choose to enjoy Fridays and all it brings. Since I love to create and make stuff, laugh and eat; the possibilities to Friday funday, the precursor to the weekend, is always and adventure. There are four things I truly enjoy on Fridays and I am usually doing one of these four things.
Number 1 would be sitting on my porch listening to the sounds of nature or chatting with a girlfriend. What better way to wind down than to share a glass of tea and a few laughs.
This is the newest member of our porch. It is now surrounded by lovely flowers and bird houses. Have you ever sat on a porch and listened to a gentle rain fall. It's the best thing this side of heaven. And yes, if it is chilly out, we grab a quilt and continue to sit. Love my porch.
Number 2. I usually cannot wait to cook outside or simply light a fire. Though it can be taxing when the weather is above 80 degrees! The smell of a campfire is intoxicating to my senses. S'mores, popcorn, fish, beans, burger … oh my!
Life seems so simple when sitting around a fire.
Number 3. My She Shed. My office is tan. I am there from sunrise to almost sunset. My car is tan inside and outside. My furniture is brown is some variations of brown shades. Heck, my hubby's truck is brown! There is only so much drab this girl could take! So …
This space is anything but brown! I can sleep out here. My guest love this space as much as I do. After my hubby built it for me, he renamed it. No longer is it the she shed but it's the we shed! I have come from work many days and found him on the bench/chaise lounge listening to music relaxing and watching the birds move about the different birdhouses we put up. I love sharing this space and watching my guests/friends totally relax.
Finally, number four. Yep, the old sewing studio. I can be in there for hours! The only thing that could top it would be to move it outside next to the 'we shed'.this is my latest project that is irritating me to no end … but I would not trade a moment of it! I'm an overcomer! Did you notice that none of these things causes me to go out and spend a lot of money and they are things that others can enjoy with me. I relish the opportunity to slow down, check out of the world at large and tune in to a good friend or book or passerby. Take the time to purposefully connect to someone. Invite them into your space sometimes and just wait and see what transforms. Serve your guests as you think about all the ways God has provided for you.
Dearest friend… I love you!

Author: Pure and Lovely Gifts

Trained Communications Professional; Called Caregiver to parents. Living intentionally while encouraging the hearts of others.

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