There’s No Place Like Home

I grew up in the Mississippi Delta. We ate foods that were grown in the backyard garden. But I also have childhood memories of other foods that I must have when I go back. The first is hot tamales and the second is red wieners. I have gingerly tried to make these southern wet and spicy hot tamales but did not put forth a real effort. Since it is a dying art, I think I am going to try to replicate what my memory holds from so long ago
They are labor intensive but so worth! It is one of many things I would like my family to remember of me. This will become a part of my legacy
Now the the memory i cannot reproduce and do not need to. This is strictly an occasional treat and I am so glad I cannot get these in Virginia …
I eat mine with loads of mustard. This is only a little mustard in the picture. Lol.
It is remarkable how a smell can send a memory flooding back to the front of our minds. Some are good and some are bad. Whenever I am in one of my tight spaces I would love if the promises of God would immediately come flooding back to my memory to remind me of God's goodness and love. Sometimes I am right on point with the promises of God and there are other times when I wonder where is my faith? But I am so glad that my shortcomings does not change his love for me ❤️

Author: Pure and Lovely Gifts

Trained Communications Professional; Called Caregiver to parents. Living intentionally while encouraging the hearts of others.

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