Thankful Thursdays

On a recent vacation/celebration, I began to feel overwhelmed. There were people all about, noise, humidity, chaos, dishes, family, friends, food, teenagers….you know, normal stuff. Yet that is the very stuff that presses in on me and sets me like a pressure cooker. I kept trying to calm myself with positive affirmations with such as: it’s really ok, He gives perfect rest, it’s not about you, which escalated to Lord HHEELLLP!!!! And shortly after the 15th call for help I get a break to sit still for a few minutes outside. After a few short breaths I heard a bird singing. Unfamiliar with his song, I looked for him.  Spying the tiny creature in a tree in the front yard I watched and listened and smiled and calmness began to set deep within. Could it be? … nah. 

After a few minutes, I went back inside to hit the second wave of dishes and lovely family chaos. But throughout the day, when I would go outside, I would here the song of my new friend. He was not always in the same tree. As a matter of fact I only saw him that once but heard him consistently. The following days I would purposefully seek the songbird and think of him often. That birds song was like a lullaby to me and a reminder to ‘look to the hills from whence cometh my help’. Yes I can get sensory overloaded but I also know who created me and I know who is my ever present help in a time of trouble. 

This little bird sang about four different short songs in a row (mocking other calls, suppose that’s why the little creature is called a mockingbird!)I could tell his call/song easily as I have familiarized myself with the birds in my back yard -chickadees, wrens, woodpeckers, blue jays, hummingbirds, cardinals, owls, hawks and doves. But, no mockingbirds. Birdwatching is a fairly new sport for me and it appears to be one of the many ways God chose to calm my soul. Albeit this little bird mimicks the calls of others, if you sit still and listen, you will hear the difference.

 I am thankful for the mockingbird 🐦

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Bird Haven Resort

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