Character -a dying concept?

While chatting up a storm with a few girlfriends of mine, the topic of television came up. None of us really watch tv mostly because it is time consuming and nothing really life changing that we must see at the moment. One thing in particular that makes me want to drop my tv from a 50-story building is the onslaught of politicians and leaders who are behaving badly. This bad behavior has been going on for centuries; but because of the various forms of media, we have access to the lives of these leaders almost instantaneously. What I realized is that I ‘expect’ more from a leader of a formidable country (we will talk about expectations in another post). I expect that -that leader would treasure and protect his character at any cost. But this is sadly not the case. This question was later posed to me -“why do we try to be so good when everyone else is doing stuff wrong, taking advantage of people, cutting corners and getting ahead”? This is one of those questions when asked you breathe deeply and exhale slowly while muttering a prayer and scripture before trying to answer. 

As I began to formulate my response I thought it best served with sweet potatoe pie. This way I can get a full point across while she savored a slice of pie. Life is full of choices and sometimes there are hefty prices to pay for them because consequences always follows. A person (leader) can make poor choices and get ahead in life by cheating, lying, stepping on his fellow brother. As matter of fact, they may seem to have it all. But have you noticed a few things about these types of people (leaders)? 1. They are rarely happy and joy often escapes them. 2. They have no idea how to be content and 3. They are bad at relationships. 4. They can be downright embarrassing. Notice their demeanor when they feel threatened of losing what they have connived to gain. But let’s face it …bad guys win sometimes. Let me suggest an easier life. If you protect your image, name and reputation you will sleep better at night without worrying about all the bad things you have done. You will experience relationships that are healthy and whole. We were created as relational beings and even the most introverted pluviophile needs community sometimes. 

The funny thing about character is that it affects your entire life. It’s not just that thing you do but it is who you are. Whenever I am training a new employee, I can assess their skills and knowledge base. If they are teachable I can help them get to the next step/level. But an unwholesome character speaks volumes about you. So, those bad guys really don’t win. At least they don’t win what really matters. Faith. Family. Friends 

Author: Pure and Lovely Gifts

Trained Communications Professional; Called Caregiver to parents. Living intentionally while encouraging the hearts of others.

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