Yes, I am that customer 

In an effort to reorganize my sewing studio/room, at the last minute I decided to go with a bookcase instead of wall mounted shelves. Per my google search, I found the perfect piece at the local big box store. So just shy of 9pm I head off to the store with my young strapping 22 year old son in tow. And behold! The perfect unit is here. 

Now, all we needed to do was grab it and get to checkout because the store is close to closing. Then, … we could not find my perfect piece on the shelf below the display. My son and I both have retail backgrounds and we knew it was not there. So we were off to find one of those store associates who avert eye contact because they want to avoid that one customer who will ask the darned near impossible. So here is the conversation with the luckiest store associate in the company

My son: excuse me ma’am but can we get some help locating an item if you have it?

Associate: sure, I can help you. 

(She shots the item tag with her gun)

Associate: it appears we have one but that is tricky with us because the one could be the display item. Would you like for me to call another store for?

Me: before you do that, is there any way to find out if ‘the one’ is a display or one somewhere in the store or backroom? You will be closing in a few minutes and I won’t have time to jet to another store. 

Associate: oh. Uhm. Ok. Let me see if I can get a manager to help. (Yep she is ticked). 

Manager: no no. This one is in the store and this tells the location. Oh. There it is up there. Ma’am, is that the item up there or were you looking for another item. 

Me: no that’s it! I want that one. (White box on the bottom)

Manager: sure, let me find a team and we will get it for you (they walk away). 

My son: you know they are mad right? You wait until 1 minute to closing And want to purchase the impossible to locate and retrieve item. 

They were gracious but tight. And yes it was a lot of effort. And the poor cashier who had to wait was all smiles as she thought this whole scenario was hilarious! Once I get it all organized the perfect piece will look great in there!

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Trained Communications Professional; Called Caregiver to parents. Living intentionally while encouraging the hearts of others.

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