Thankful Thursdays #20

It’s actually Wednesday night. The day is well over and weary of a day of living as we lie down to rest our tired bodies and minds. He falls into an easy quiet slumber right away. I lay and try to make my way to the quiet space that will lull me into unawareness and slumber. There. I think I hear a different sound. Intrigued, I push past the sounds of the ceiling fan whirring lazily overhead. Even further past the cloths dryer and traffic a mile away. Oh. There it goes again. Half excited because I am almost positive of the double call. The sounds the symphony the insects are playing is the perfect accompaniment to this soloist! Sweetheart, listen! Do you hear that? Opening his eyes and tuning his ear to the unknown. He assures me that all is well because it just an owl 🦉 and I could go back to sleep now because owls sleep outside!😳

But dare I be deterred? Of course not! The hoot of the owl keeps beckoning me. The owl doesn’t screech or growl but simply hoots as only the Great-Horned Owl could! For just over half an hour I listen to the bird hoot into the night and then the hunter is silent or flew away. 

I am thankful for hoot of the owl (20)

The ears to hear the owl (21) &

The brain the recognize the hoot (22). 

He is beautiful !!!!!!!!

Author: Pure and Lovely Gifts

Trained Communications Professional; Called Caregiver to parents. Living intentionally while encouraging the hearts of others.

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