Sometimes Improvising is amusing!

Not only am I striving to eat cleaner but I am also trying to learn to live with less. I really try not to run to the store every day but instead to either improvise or do without. One area I am streamlining is cosmetics, beauty supply items and hair stuff. How did I get so much? Well I am so glad you asked ☺️. I stopped getting my hair chemically relaxed four years ago. Turns out the products that I used on my chemically treated hair are not beneficial for my natural hair. I went through a period of making my hair look like other natural hairstyles that I like. While easy to do while my hair was relaxed it, ain’t so when you are learning that hair texture is a huge part of hairstyles! Learning to let my hair form its own natural curl pattern also helped me to realize that the products I was using on my hair could also be used on my skin. Instead of 15 different products I am now down to 5! Coconut oil, Shea butter, olive oil, cocoa butter, and vitamin E are my everyday essentials for hair and skin. This has proven to be cheaper and a lot less clutter. And not to mention it is easier on the wallet 💰.

One morning I was rushing to get ready for work and forgot to put my Shea butter on my face as my skin gets really dry in the cooler months. Being the queen of improvising and being too lazy to go back into the bathroom and put my moisturizer on, I decided to use my chapstick to put on the problem dry areas on my face before applying my makeup. My cheeks and under eye areas are sometimes scary so I applied extra to those. Then I proceeded to apply my make up. I always do my eyebrows first. One eyebrow in and my eyes begin to water and then kinda burn. That is because your majesty did not have her glasses on and failed to realize that she did not have the cherry flavored chap stick but rather the peppermint one! (I promise these things only happen to me!).

I knew not to rub my eyes but did not have time to wash my face again. So I got dressed and went to work with watering eyes. No one pays me any attention at work so it was fine. Or … I thought it was but as soon as the receptionist saw me she said ‘oh my honey your allergies are kicking your butt, huh? You look baaad’. I just thought I was a girl with tears eyes but I suppose not!lol

I am still fascinated at streamlining, decluttering and organizing my life. But sometimes improvising can be amusing and downright funny.

Author: Pure and Lovely Gifts

Trained Communications Professional; Called Caregiver to parents. Living intentionally while encouraging the hearts of others.

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