Just Let it Go!

Sometimes you have to take it down a notch. As wives and mothers we often find this difficult to do mainly because there is always the next thing lurking about to be done or taken care. We try to maximize very moment we have. I mean after all, if it needs to be done consistently, in a timely manner while being organized, we can do that. Yet, that does not mean that I have not shown up at church with my son in flannel pjs and cowboys boots. Or didn’t have time for makeup and everyone thought a tragedy had happened. And yep, I even had the kids all in the van packed and loaded with a few minutes to spare to stop for gas … well we had to turn around and get my hubby but, I ran an efficient ship! Now the kids are grown with lives of their own and hubby is retired working on a second career. Thank you Father!

As wives and mothers, well any woman really. Have you ever considered taking it down a notch just for a little while? We often refer to this as ‘me time’. I think it is great when we schedule this ‘me time’. But the ones I cherish most are the unexpected ‘me times’. I preferred to call them ‘God nuggets’. Simply because only He can work through unplanned inconveniences to give us what we need. Even though many times we don’t realize that we are missing something. I believe that no matter what is going on with me or around me, -God is doing a great work! When a kid or you were under the weather and you had to rearrange your entire week …again to take care of the little one or yourself. Did you view this time as an inconvenience or have a pity party or did you stop and look into littles ones eyes and speak blessings over her and into her life? And when she fell asleep did you bow beside her bedside or the couch and pray a prayer of thanksgiving that out of all the mothers in the world, He Chose You!

If you are or have actively been doing this, I thank God or you. This is something I had to learn over the years. I also had to learn to be grateful for the inconvenient moments and some of them were really hard! The death of my daughter was hard but I had grown in my relationship with the Lord and knew I would only need to trust him. I chose to walk with him and boy there were some dark days but He never let go and I held as much as a broken bird could hold. In the middle of the night when everyone was sleeping I would lay wide awake unable to shut my brain off. But gradually these moments of joyous memories would come in. You see I decided that we ‘our family’ would not be the same when we came out on the other side no matter what that looked like. So I try with all my might to live every moment to the full. I quit my job as a paralegal and took my military family everywhere I could. We laughed a lot and we cried when things went from worse to devastating. God had a plan even though we would not like the outcome. Now when we look back and share in those times we are able to see a beautiful portrait of life because we allowed ourselves to see God in the midst of it.

Right now, there is a ton of work for me to do at work but I am home nursing a sore throat. Had a doctor’s appointment this morning that shows no strep, flu, cold or sinus infection. Just good old allergies.. I went to work but felt too badly to be productive. So I came home and felt better. With that lil’ bit of energy I started on house chores but then felt the calling of a ‘God nugget’. Yes, my desk at work is overflowing and chores need to be done but, God … the sustainer of all needed a fireside chat. So I stopped every thing, got a blanket and small pillow, took some ibuprofen, made a cup of tea picked up my bible and chatted with an old friend. I am rejuvenated. I am restored. I still have a sore throat but, I am ready to go back on the mission field and serve as wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. Try it. Just let it go and take it down a notch. I promise you will be so glad you did.

Author: Pure and Lovely Gifts

Trained Communications Professional; Called Caregiver to parents. Living intentionally while encouraging the hearts of others.

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