Merry & Bright

During Thanksgiving we usually travel to Mississippi as this is where both my husband and I were born and raised. We journey down for a 16 hour ride by car. Nope, we don’t fly. The real adventure is being locked in a car with family for hours and arrive in one piece and still like each other when we get there. This year, some of us (my family because we arrived last) had to stay In a hotel because there was no room at the inn (sorry couldn’t help myself). We stayed at the newest hotel in Cleveland and it’s in a great location. The Cotton House Hotel which is aptly located on Cotton Row in Cleveland, and a welcomed treat after a long day with family, food, fun and laughter.

What was interesting to my hubby and I was that we did not have to plan logistics for children, teenagers and young adults. We were exploring new grounds and quickly getting fond of it. Sharing the holidays with family and grown children is actually very nice. Especially if you know how to stay in your lane and realize that no matter how crazy the conversation is with that teenager or radical uncle or religious grandma gets, you will always have the power, option and choice as to how you respond. Life and time are often shorter than we would like so why not maximize every moment great and small. So this Christmas season, take that photo with your niece, play a game of uno with the children, tell the Christmas story, sing Christmas songs, give generously to the unfortunate, sit with someone elderly and let them fill you with wisdom and love, walk and look at those lights. And always remember that no matter what anyone says about the holiday season, Jesus is the real reason we really celebrate Christmas. So while we were at the hotel, we took the picture (kinda weird not having to herd teens and young adults for a photo for the Christmas postcard). We ate at the hotel and admired all the local products that were produced in the state. We walked and took in the sights of the beautiful lights on the green directly across the street from the hotel. We took time to talk to locals and admire the transformed beauty of the hotel due to the Christmas season. Nothing and no one who has an encounter with Jesus remains untouched or transformed and that includes Christmas decorations -warm, merry and bright. Go ahead and smile. I know you want to. Merry Christmas All!

Author: Pure and Lovely Gifts

Trained Communications Professional; Called Caregiver to parents. Living intentionally while encouraging the hearts of others.

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