First Day of 2020

Happy New Year! Each year millions of us try to set goals for the year. It’s there perfect time to change, do something different or conquer that goal. You get a full 12 months to try to do so. One of my goals was to move more or to adopt a lifestyle that is active as my job is sedentary for about 10 hours of the day. So to kick the year off, I decided to attend a First Day Hike in one of our state parks. A dear friend asked if she could join me. Not only did she go with me, SHE DROVE! Not only did I not the park closest to us, I would choose one across the Chesapeake Bay called Kiptopeke! SHE DROVE! Another goal of mine was to connect with my friends more often. So one the first day of the year, I take a hike and I connect with a friend! Now I have 11 more months to make this a habit and a lifestyle.

Me and my friend Ms Kathy!
A view from the trail
Trail view
Birding station

Ranger Stan led a group of approx 75 of us for First Hike Day 2020

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Trained Communications Professional; Called Caregiver to parents. Living intentionally while encouraging the hearts of others.

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