Dementia and My God

After my initial post regarding my return to the Mississippi Delta to help care for Dad, came many inquiries and questions. One basic question to the many direct responses was regarding God and how does this (dementia) fit his good plan. And how is it caring for someone who will no longer know you. Well friends, I am a person of faith, I am a believer and can only answer from that point.

Dementia is a hard thing to witness and since I am called to be a caregiver, he is providing me with everything I need daily and moment by moment; I lean into Him a little harder each day. Some days are easier than others; and most days I wonder what is God’s plan; how is He or will He use this for Glory and our good. Dementia was not apart of God’s original plan for us. Creation was good, healthy, filled with love. Our first parents, Adam and Eve, were not content with this plan and they became disobedient. They sinned and it was through this very act that mankind began to experience strife. Love was still here but now so was hate. Life was still here but now so was death. Good was still hear but now so was evil. Good health was still here but now so was disease and that includes vascular dementia. And though sin entered in, God’s imagine was unchanged. We all share in this image and that includes dementias. However, sin did damage our ability to reflect God’s image. John Dunlop provided “ when sin entered the world, it compromised our ability to enjoy our lives on earth. This is seen in countless ways, but one of them is dementia and the way it wrecks havoc in the lives of it sufferers and those who love and care for them“ (John Dunlop, Finding Grace in the face of Dementia).

Dad’s brain does not function properly but he is not a half or less than a person. He is an image bearer of our God and deserves to be treated as such; with love, dignity and respect. It is my prayer that I serve well.

My sister, my dad, myself. Dad always took family pics with us. mom made sure we were dressed well and she dared us to touch our hair😂

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Trained Communications Professional; Called Caregiver to parents. Living intentionally while encouraging the hearts of others.

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