Count it all joy …

Have you ever had one of those times in life when you decided that you were going to really ramp up and make some life altering change or hit a new goal or perhaps even develop a new habit. You spend weeks planning and preparing for success. You have a plan, determination, support group, prayer team and all the angels in heaven are rooting for you. Starting day arrives and you are off full speed ahead and WHAM! Uhm… who would be so inconsiderate and put that mountain right in the middle of my road to success?

Well for me that goal is a healthy lifestyle. As soon as I hit my stride, an obstacle comes across my path. I stumble  fall… and have trouble getting back up. I even sometimes forget where I was going and why. It is usually small things that trip me up. So this is how I startedImpressive if I say so myself. I’ve resisted eating out too much and that whole bag of wonderfully greasy fries from fresh cut potatoes was no challenge for this girl! Then came the family gathering … family styled Italian birthday dinner. I took bites of everything and was satisfied! Woo-hoo! When the dessert came, I tasted the cheesecake and did not bother with the brownie creation. Then our server came with a dessert just for the lady in the white shirt …ME! A wonderful oversized piece of Tiramisu! My favorite dessert thank you. We laughed and passed desserts around the table and my Tiramisu came back to me with one small piece eaten from it. Yep. It appears only I like Tiramisu! So I boxed ate it -all. No guilt! Enjoyed it immensely.

Fast forward to the next day. To the mall to get some steps in before lunch and our 3 hour drive home. WHAM!!!!No, I did not purchase these. They were a gift!! So far I have resisted but this picture is driving me nuts!! So glad they are downstairs and I am lazy. This is definitely a trial but I’m growing stronger each day and really taking the time to seek and nurture my goals.

My next goal/obstacle adventure … getting to the gym! Got the gym membership, gym clothes, eReader, cheerleaders, band of angels and …. the car quit 😳😖 well, that’s another post for a different day. Until then I will press on!

Be blessed

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