Fly Away Little Bird

She is gone. My Pastry Chef has flew from the nest to finish the last leg of current journey before transitioning to the next. Since she could not take me personally along, we finished her quilt that is filled with family memories -mission trips, family trips, family reunions, college and high school. Hopefully this quilt will bring her many fond memories and remind her of a rich and wonderful legacy that she is a part of.

A quilt is a lot like our lives. It is made of scraps of fabric from diverse places and things. Each scrap piece, some very small and some larger than others, are used to tell a story. Our families are made up of diverse people. No two are just alike. And each one of us come with something to add to the lives of others -good, bad or indifferent, it all makes an imprint somewhere in our lives and memories. Though we may try to live vacuumed lives, in a family this is impossible. We are created a very peculiar and dynamic people and what affects one affects the whole. As a Christian, I believe that God never wastes a hurt, a smile, a letdown or a triumph. He uses it all for His Glory! What a beautiful quilt He can make out of our families and out of the millions of families, no two are exactly the same. Our God is an awesome God.





Not completion but Progress….



The T-shirt quilt is not fully complete but the top is finally. This really is easy. Perhaps I will do a tutorial on the next one. Well will add the backing tomorrow. There is no middle on this one but a minky on the back. Minky is a very soft and dense fabric not unlike fleece. If we start early in the morning, we should be able to get some good pictures outside. Stay tuned…the best is yet to come.

The T-shirt Memory Quilt

My pastry chef is heading back to college soon to finish her senior year. Going through drawers we found 22 t-shirts she no longer wore or were saving because they were special to her. We decided a quilt would be the best way to preserve those memories and make that stack of T-shirts useful.

After gathering the shirts, we began to cut the fronts from the backs, as logos are often on both sides. Then we cut the emblems or logos or screen print in 12″x11″ sections and smaller ones 6″x6″ sections. We then use 911ff type of fusible webbing to stabilize the fabric and keep it from stretching too much.




We bagged the sleeves and neck of the shirts and folded the bottoms and backs that had no screen printing. These will be used later in this quilt and leftovers will be saved for another project. I am sure I will think of something to remake with them 😉.


After the squares are all fused, then we laid them all out and placed them how she wanted to be arranged on the quilt. She then decided that she did not want sashing but the whole top from t-shirts. She also decided no wadding or middle but instead a brown minky backing. Are you confused about this? I was too but customer satisfaction is what I do. The progress continues…

I thought this next picture was just a tad bit funny. My daughter kept telling Chloe (our handy dandy canine) not to walk on the quilt as it is laid out in the hallway upstairs. But what is she doing? I LOVE LIFE AND FAMILY AND ALL IT BRINGS.

BTW, this was done in one day so far. I will continue and hope to get it done within three days if my back cooperates. I would love to see how you are being creative and making old things new.

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