Southern Deliciousness

On this Tasty Tuesday I would like to bring you into my southern world of yumminess and hospitality. It’s a dying art but the Magnolia State still has a generation that lives by generosity and charity among each other.

A neighbor was gifted perch fish and decided to share with my mom and myself. Mom and I cleaned and cooked the fish. She then prepared two separate meals to be given away to two other families. Now I am clearly not of this giving generation. I would have been thoughtful enough to share the fish but not thoughtful enough to cook and clean the fish BEFORE sharing.

Anyway!! I would like to share pictures of this simple but flavorful meal with you..

After cleaning the fish mom seasons the fish using only salt and pepper and sprinkled with corn meal mix.
A mess of golden fried perch fish
Complete with onions and peperoncinis. Simple, fresh and delicious!

Today’s lesson: Never eat alone. Always share. Build community. Others first. And fried is irresistible!!😁

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